Welcome to Invest in Sqft, the podcast that helps you build a stable and profitable business while introducing you to opportunities to invest your profits passively into large multifamily projects.

Running a business is challenging, and as a business owner, you face obstacles that can prevent you from achieving long-term success. Fortunately, Invest in Sqft is here to help you overcome those challenges by providing practical advice and strategies that have worked for successful entrepreneurs who have already walked the path you are on.

Our host, Matt Shields, is a 25-year-long entrepreneur who has accumulated an impressive $60 million in real estate assets under management. He has experienced the ups and downs of entrepreneurship firsthand and wants to share his knowledge with other business owners looking to achieve financial freedom.

At Invest in Sqft, we focus on helping you create a strong foundation for your business that will withstand the test of time. We provide expert insights on common obstacles business owners face, and we offer solutions to help you overcome them. We also explore how the wealthy protect and grow their companies and share strategies that you can use to multiply your business wealth using the income you already generate.

Whether you are an experienced business owner or just starting, Invest in Sqft is the perfect resource for you. With our practical advice and focus on actionable steps, you'll learn how to improve your business, build wealth, and invest in passive multifamily opportunities.

Join us every week as we interview successful entrepreneurs who share their experiences and insights on how to create a profitable business that lasts. Invest in Sqft is your go-to resource for building a strong, stable business and achieving financial freedom.